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 5-Star Review from "Serena Saturine" (2/28/12):

Read this book with an open mind, then read it again if you must. Concentrate on the message it's trying to convey. See if you can truly answer the questions posed, somehow obvious and obscure at the same time: What is the real? What does it mean "to burn"? At the secret beach, Monika says that "something big is coming down". Can you figure it out? During the ceremony, Monika stipulates, "Listen to the music, it helps you to become." Become what? What does Sticks River Road represent, straight and open for the first half, curved, convoluted, and dark in the 2nd half, with prophetic Grady's dwelling situated at the interface. What is Monika's grand plan? What is she trying to accomplish with the disavow at the ceremony? Why is it that only 3 people (that we know of) experience the "vision of the real" dream? Why is it that Monika has such a fondness for the phrase, "Burn, baby, burn"? Notice what she says with respect to this when they are all together on the cliff at the end of the book. How is it that Jeremy, despite poor decisions at times, survives against all odds?

If there ever was a book that can, as it says, "burn virgin pathways in the mind", The Real is it. I read some of the negative reviews in which it is described as an "easy read". Whatever The Real is, it is the opposite of "easy". So don't be swayed by the naysayers, take the dangerous plunge, engage your mind and at least some of you will see that there's something undeniably special about this novel: eye-opening for the intuitive, baffling for the simple-minded, terrifying for the wayward, but in it, something deeply beneficial for all who, as it says, "dare to believe in the supernatural".